Forums and online communities

Aussie Arcade. Arcade and Pinball restorations, MAME cabinet build guides and more.

OzHadou. Australian fighting game community. Organisers of the annual OHN - OzHadou National tournaments.

Shoryuken Forums. US fighting game community. The site also includes a comprehensive wiki documenting moves and strategies of many games.

Joystick resources

SlagCoin. Excellent explanations and guides on joypad and stick hacking.

Console modification resources

MMMonkey. Classic console modifications, RGB and A/V hacks, region hacks, etc.

GamesX. RGB and A/V pinouts, console controller pinouts, etc.

Tototek. Sell flash cartridges, region converters, speciality hardware and cables for classic consoles.

Console Passion. Offer modifications for old consoles, including a number of very cool switchless mods.

Sega Genesis Hardware Mods. David Howland's excellent resource for Sega Megadrive and Genesis modding (A/V mods, overclocking, video amps, etc).

The Longhorn Engineer. A/V mods, power supply mods, and more.

Arcade parts suppliers

GameDude Arcades. Australian seller of arcade spare parts, joysticks, buttons, arcade monitors, etc. Also buy and sell genuine arcade PCBs.

Lizard Lick. US seller of arcade sticks and buttons. Sellers of Toodles Cthulhu controller board for USB/PS3 arcade sticks.

MonoPrice. Cheap cables and connectors for consoles, TVs and more. (Please, don't pay $100+ or even $30+ for HDMI cables. Understand what it means to be a digital signal cable that meets a specification).

Gaming News

Tiny Cartridge. Cool gamer-culture site with a retro feel.

Arcade Heroes. Arcade news from a man who runs his own arcade.

Neo Arcadia. French arcade site with bleeding edge arcade news.

The MagicBox. Console and arcade news.

Fighter's Front Line. The latest fighting game news from Japan.

Kobayan. Arcade news from Japan.

Akiba Watch. Gaming news from Akihabara, Tokyo.

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